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SEO+SEM Marketing

Using SEM technologies such as SEO, Google keyword advertising, business maps, and Youtube SEO, we can design the most appropriate marketing strategies for customers and help companies maximize their potential.


Affordable Budget

GENIUSHUB tailors marketing plans suitable for the size of the enterprise, breaking the past convention of spending a lot of money on marketing, and providing you with comprehensive marketing plans at affordable prices.

We give you everything you need to create, manage and optimize your digital marketing campaigns. Track the performance of your marketing campaigns and increase conversion rates and ROI with state-of-the-art tools. Allowing you to focus on growing your business and achieve business goals quickly.

Our Services

PPC Keyword Advertising

Using keyword advertising, businesses can quickly and effectively connect with users who are actively searching for the products or services they offer. Keyword advertising is a very effective way to reach potential customers and increase web traffic. With this powerful method, you can target specific user groups and increase your online visibility.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

Through search engine optimization (SEO), companies can connect with target customers in a more direct and effective way. Using optimized website content and SEO keyword strategies, companies can not only improve website rankings, but also accurately attract more potential customers on the Internet, which helps shape the company’s professional image and effectively promote products or services.

Web Design

Web pages are the image representatives on the Internet. Our team is good at analyzing your business needs and process analysis, creating personalized sales-oriented websites, and carefully crafting unique, creative and interactive web pages to ensure that our customers have perfect In addition to building a good online image, you can also get more orders through the website.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is now an indispensable social platform in marketing. It is highly interactive and allows brands to easily reach potential customers. Through the importance of efficient dissemination and diffusion of information, effective marketing strategies, through precise advertising positioning and high-quality content creation.

Instagram Marketing

Through the power of visuals, it can bring unlimited business opportunities to brands, allowing audiences to quickly understand brand messages and establish emotional connections. This strategy successfully attracted more than 10.55 million users in Taiwan, helping the brand’s visibility and influence to a new level.

Linkedin Marketing

By connecting with business giants, you can explore new business opportunities and expand your territory. Now, we offer free marketing consultation so that you can stay on top of the latest marketing trends and strategies to enhance your business and brand awareness.

Marketing is not just about spending a lot of money
Hitting it right is the most important thing

We understand that every penny is hard-earned, so we will use scientific methods to test whether the marketing plan is accurately delivered to the target audience, so as to spend every budget wisely and improve marketing effects and conversion rates.

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Only Comprehensive marketing planning can cope with constant changes

MSN, ICQ, Yahoo Knowledge, etc. were once among the leading companies in the industry, but now they have disappeared. In the future, some of today’s popular platforms will inevitably go bankrupt. If your business relies solely on this single platform, can your business still be able to operate?
Only by establishing a comprehensive cross-platform marketing layout can you survive in the rapidly changing future.

Marketing is all about making money

Our only goal is to help you acquire more customers and make more money at a lower cost. If your business encounters a bottleneck and you want to break through and find more customers, contact us to chat.

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