Congratulations to GeniusHub Marketing for receiving the honor of the 2023 SME Innovation Business Award.

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Outstanding SME Digital Transformation/Tech Award – Geniushub Technology Ltd.


2023 SME Innovation Business Award

The leading financial information platform in Hong Kong – Economic Times (ET Net) hosted the ‘2023 Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Business Award’ ceremony today, with a total of 23 awards presented.

We are honored to have invited the Deputy Director of the Commerce and Economic Development Bureau, Mr. Chen Baili, to deliver the keynote speech titled ‘Operation and Prosperity, Wisdom and Excellence’, and he took the time to attend and preside over the award ceremony.

The Deputy Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr. Chen Haolian, also delivered a keynote speech titled ‘Business Competition and Outstanding Achievements’, congratulating the successful hosting of the inaugural ‘Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Business Award.


Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have always been an important cornerstone of Hong Kong’s economy. The inaugural ‘Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Business Award’ held this year aims to recognize SMEs with strategic ingenuity and innovative business strategies, as well as organizations and partners that support and assist SMEs, promoting their sustainable development.

This year’s conference theme is ‘Smart Business, Continuing the Legacy’, which emphasizes that in this digital era, businesses must stay closely aligned and adapt to the rapidly changing market environment, leverage the power of technology, and have effective operational strategies to survive and succeed in fierce competition. Therefore, smart business operations have become a key element for enterprises pursuing sustainable development.

Through continuous innovation, technological advancement, and up-to-date operational methods, businesses can better understand customer needs, improve production efficiency, build robust operational models, and move towards sustainable business models. Only through constant innovation and progress can businesses carry forward their core values and meet future challenges.

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The successful organization of the ‘2023 Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Business Award’ was made possible thanks to the strong support from all sides. We would like to thank the Federation of Hong Kong Industries, Geniushub Digital Makreting, Hong Kong Cyberport Management Company Limited, The Hong Kong Independent Non-Executive Director Association, Smart City Consortium, Cloud and Mobile Computing Professionals Association, Greater Bay Area Trade Association, Aobao Science and Innovation Ltd, StartmeupHK, and other supporting organizations.

Special thanks to Mr. Xie Yuanming, a partner at Dong Wu Xie Lin Law Firm, for serving as the legal consultant for the conference.

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